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The RFBBL is a group of game enthusiasts who reside in or around Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

We have a casual open format and play is meant for beer and fun.

We hope you enjoy your visit - feel free to drop by our
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We have just finished our fourth running season. Season IV was an overwhelming success with the Slaan Team - Galling Tyranny of Time taking the trophy!

If you are wondering about our logo - it was created by the talented Sam Mercer. For all of our visitor's, Regina is known as the Queen City so we needed a bit of heraldry in there... And this site is mostly the brains of Casper Hansen at the Aross BB League.

~ commissioner

The above image was custom designed for Berta'z 'Ballet' Beyb'z by Unique Litani. You can see his other work at this link here.

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June 21st, 2017 - old news
2517 Flatland Cup Awards- Better Late than Never!
Well folks, after a bit of a stretch the final match has been played.

Congratulations to our 2517 Flatland Cup Champions,..

1st Place - The Unnatural Selections (Chaos Pact) / (+1 Fame next year and +100k)

2nd Place - Zorbug's Dakka Dakka (Orc) / +1 MVP (coach decides) and +60K

3rd Place - Green Bay Squeakers (Skaven) / +30K

Most Dangerous Team - Zorbug's Dakka Dakka / (56 Cas For vs 10 Cas Against ) / +1 MVP (coach decides)

Fair Play Team - It's Just an Elf (Wood Elf) / (21 Cas For vs 75 Cas Against) / +1 MVP (coach decides)

Wooden Spoon - Feel the Warp (Chaos Pact) / Record 1/4/11 / Extra re-roll next year at no cost

Player Awards:

Top Scorer - Hans Solo / Green Bay Squeakers / Skaven Gutter Runner - 15 TD's in 18 games (Fan Favourite)

Top Cruncher - Chappy / Unnatural Selections / Minotaur (Chaos Pact) - 11 Casualties in 15 games - Fan Favourite

Top Killa - Latrace / Twocandu / (Dark Elf Blitzer) - 3 kills / +1 MVP

Top Thrower - Buzz Bomber / Flaming Marauders / (Human Thrower) - 28 completions / +1 MVP

Season MVP - Mademoiselle Maura / Love Bites / (Vampire) - 60 SPP's / redrafts next season for free

With The Unnatural Selections winning the cup we have our first ever two time coach - Lord Bulworth the Unnatural (aka Mark Macza). Congratulations on your back to back wins!!

~Burnt Cookies / Star Reporter / Regina Morning Follower
- Da Big Green ´Un
Apr. 9th, 2017 - old news
Play-Off Matches are Ready
With the late season in the books only eight teams remain.

Congratulations to all of the contenders:
It's Just an Elf (Wood Elf), Love Bitez (Vampire), Zorbug's DakkaDakka (Orc), Bad Mother Bashers (Khemri), Wolftown Royals (Necromantic), Twocandu (Dark Elf), Unnatural Selections (Chaos Pact), and Green Bay Squeakers (Skaven).

Best of luck in your 1st round. 1st Round games should be completed before Easter Monday, April 17.

~Da Big Green 'Un
- Da Big Green ´Un
Feb. 27th, 2017 - old news
Tri-Chaos Bowl?
This weekend brought two of the most anticipated events of the year.  The NasFasCar Daytona 500 and the 2517 RFBBL All-Star Game.

The format for this year’s All-Star Game, unknown to any of the teams prior to the event, was labelled Tri-Chaos Bowl.  “What is Tri-Chaos Bowl you may ask?”

“Dem pla’yrz r un Un und unuver und unuver feeldz.  Dey kun muv frum un feeld tu unuv’r feeld wyv un tely’purt’r.  Un und unuver und unuver balz r uz’d az well. Yt’z truuwy Kaoz.” stated League Commissioner, Da Big Green ‘Un.

Translation (via Luv’n da Ork Luva): “The players are assigned among three fields.  They can move from one field to another field via a tele-porter or be pushed to the next field.  There are also three balls in play.  It truly is Chaos.”

The first half was somewhat confusing.  The coaches and players didn’t really get what was happening. 

“Simple minds simply cannot comprehend the brilliance of the first half ASG rule-set.  Even Lord Bulworth was confused.  But I am not sure that is anything new to be honest”, stated Gimper Stimper of the ASG rules committee.  “Unfortunately, we had to change things to something a bit more traditional.  I thought with 3 new Chaos Pact teams in the league this year it would have been a no-brainer.”

As such, at half time a few adjustments were made to address the confusion and the game flow was much more stable.  When the final whistle fell it was 10 for the Pile of Bones division vs 8 for the Wascana Wastelanders.  186, 000 fans attended the even this year which set a new League Record.   The casualty count was five to four also in favour of the Pile of Bones.  The game had quite a few heavy hits much to the delight of the fans.

As usual the game was not without controversy.  Three coaches and a bunch of fans have put in formal complaints about the final results.  

“The Wastelanders were robbed this year.  How could they possibly blow such a large lead heading into half time?  This never happens in the NFL.  NEVER!” gasped Zongar de Vonger.

The complaints indicate Mr Taz, head coach of the Wood Elf  team “It’s Just an Elf” was providing field instructions in Elvish instead of using the common tongue.  The players couldn’t understand what they were supposed to be doing.  Well, the Wastelanders players couln’t understand.  Zezal Torlyl of the Menzoberranzan Shadowblades and also Flavelle of Twocando , both Dark Elfs, clearly understood the instructions given by Mr. Taz.  Combined they scored 7 of the ten goals for the Pile of Bones.

“There is a commonality in all of the Elvish languages.  We learn that from an early age in the Underdark.  After learning their play it was like taking gold from a Dwarf” explained Zezal.

Also, it was rumoured Madame Melaina, head coach for the “Love Bitez” Vampire team, put a substantial bet for the Pile of Bones team to win.  Normally a bet of that magnitude would be fine but he was coaching the Wastelanders at  the time of the bet. 

A similar inquiry was made against Dvallin Sveensen, head coach of the Norse team “Drukkenbolt Drittsekker”, but he has been cleared as he was clearly drunk at the time.

On an unrelated note, the NasFasCar used only red cars this year.  Red cars always go faster.

~Burnt Cookies / Star Reporter / Regina Morning Follower
- Da Big Green ´Un
Jan. 31st, 2017 - old news
Steroids, umm… Don’t you mean Orcroids?
Dvallin Sveensen and six other RFBBL coaches have filed a formal complaint requesting an investigation regarding rampant steroid use by two of the four Orc Teams.

“I mean let’s get real.  Zorbug’s team – not even half way through the season and they have two hulks – Scoot Jr and Mutt.  Have you seen Scoot Sr?  No?  I have.  He is so tiny I thought he was a Snotling at first.  And now Waaaaagh’n’tn Greenskins have hulked up Tich Necksnapper.  It is only a matter of time before Da War Boyz and Havil’s Smashers join the cartel” stated Dvallin.

“I, yes, I, Madame Melaina, know a good protein when I zee one.  These orcs are most curious.  Their strength is uncanny.  It is almost Vampiric,” stated Love Bitez coach, Madame Melaina.

League Commissioner, Da Big Green ‘Un, has not yet made a decision on whether he will launch an inquiry.

“Nothing will get done.  It pisses me off,” stated The Meta’ Lurgicals head coach, Sik Smelter.  “That lump of Big ‘Whatever knows the only way an Orc team can get an edge on us Dwarves is if they hulk up the ‘roids.”

“That lump of green coal probably is taking a 50% rake” exclaimed Mighty Mutant coach Charles Xavier.

We tried to get a comment from 2nd place coach Lord Bulworth the Unnatural, but he was too busy contemplating extra-terrestrial concerns of lack of faith and elfish manipulations of fate. 

Whether or not you believe Steroids or Orcoids or any body-altering supplements are being used this year is your call, of course. But you shouldn't stay passive. Say something!! 

With five teams making a strong run for playoff contention it should be a cracker heading into the All-Star Game.

~Burnt Cookies / Star Reporter / Regina Morning Follower
- Da Big Green ´Un
Jan. 4th, 2017 - old news
Rat Problems!
Fyrst wez gytz ryd uv dem lyz’rdz und nuw wez gutz u ratz prublym. Uggg. Duz any’un no u guud xt’yrmyn’tr?

Ut weez’t zum Orc teemz joynd uz dyz zeez’un!! Yt’z ubuwt tym!!!

Translation (via Luv’n da Ork Luva):

First we get rid of them lizards and now we got a rat problem. Uggg. Does anyone know of a good exterminator?

At least some Orc teams joined us this season!! It is about time!!!

~Da Big Green ‘Un
- Da Big Green ´Un

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