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23. Mar. 2018 - 11:34  
I came to see to be able to create my own league. Thank you for your experience :-)
- geoffrey  send email to geoffrey 
19. Mar. 2018 - 03:24  
Hey I am coming to town to work for over a month. Looking for a few games. Where are you guys playing out of?
- Riley Pichlyk  send email to Riley Pichlyk 
15. Mar. 2018 - 20:49  
You guys ever host tournaments? I am playing in the SNBBL in Winnipeg and always keen to get some tournament play in. I see that Lair has commented here. I met him in Vegas at the LVO. I am planning on attending the POW Town (NAF accredited) tourney in Calgary in June.
- George  send email to George 
4. Mar. 2016 - 11:35  

I arrive here from TFF, I liked the idea of Wanted players, so I will steal it for my league back in Spain!!
- Sainthropee  send email to Sainthropee 
20. June 2014 - 01:26  
Hi Guys,

I am looking to get into email contact with your commissioner. I am a player in Calgary, whom would like to get some regional cross club stuff going.
- lair  send email to lair 
2. Apr. 2014 - 23:09  
Hey guys I love the website! Really hoping my current league gets as involved as you guys have!
- The Hellblasters  send email to The Hellblasters 
13. Feb. 2014 - 21:23  
Hey -great job on the website!!!
- a sneaky git  

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'19 FlatlandCup, Early Season
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