Biggar Badmen

Race:  Necromantic
Coach:  Skip Wolfbane
Cleon's second coaching debut is with the Biggar Badmen. A rookie team of undead with a couple weres in the mix. Looking this season to tear flesh and break bones, and all that hopefully on the opposing team. These misfits may not look like much but they can sure take a pounding. I once saw a one of them minatour things spear a zombie and drag him down the pitch for a TD. Then next drive, same zombie on the LoS ready for another go, nothing like rubbing some dirt into the wound and playing on.

Biggar Badmen team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
June 2nd, 2016 - old news
Badmen in the Deathbowl
With the season over and a somewhat disappointing showing for the Badmen, we take to the pitch in the first death bowl. I showdown between the Elves, Slaan and Lizards. First to three scores would win the game and bragging rights.

On the opening drive, the lizards would be the quick to take centre field and secure one of the balls, immediately caging the tiny ball carrier. Elves and Slaan would follow, and soon we would have a large mass of players at centre field, all fighting for possession and a chance to score.

The Badmen would hold back on defence, sending only a blitz out to start chipping away at the massive amount of targets. Weres would put down a few of the opposition but ball handling would be left to the ghouls who would not put on a great showing early on. Fumbles and bumbles would leave the other teams to score at will and leave the Badmen scoreless for the majority of the game.

Although, no team would come close to scoring on the Badmen, they would have a hell of a time getting to the ball. In the later moments of the game, one of the ghouls would get the ball and make a break for the Lizards goal. Dodging one block from the Kroxigor, he would get his chance to see end zone. Just a few skinks in the way, but otherwise it would get them on the board.

Alas, the zero would be all the Badmen would see on the board as the Elves would run another TD past the Slaan defenders to end the game. Final score, Elves 3, Lizards 2, Slaan 2 and a big ol' goose egg for the Badmen.

A sad first showing in the Deathbowl, but will not be the last. If you can't score, at least the Weres don't have problems laying the hurt.
- Cleon Salmon
Apr. 2nd, 2016 - old news
Saurus Stalemate
With the season coming to a close, the Badmen need some wins to have any hopes of clinching a wildcard spot. But after this one was bound to end in a tie.

Missing our top Wight guard and casualty machine after a mishap with the Smurfs, it was an up hill battle from the get go. Luckily, Star Player Wilhelm Chaney makes yet another appearance on the pitch with the Badmen. So lets get to Rippin'.

Early half sees some brilliant coaching by Itza as the Badmen kick off to the scaly opposition. Two skinks break into the Badmen zone and quickly get sent to the KO bin in quick order. These little speed freaks go down easy, as Radditz had no problem throwing the hits. After the skinks had been sent off the field, the Badmen get a chance to score in the late moments of the 1st half, but Rip Jaw McLeod gets tackled near the end zone and we stay scoreless after the half.

Second half doesn't fair much better as continued stand offs happen between the Saurus' and Badmen, neither side gaining any meaningful advantage. The claws were not ripping tonight.

In fact, there were a lot of deaths and injuries on our side. With two zombies being sent to the after after life and Pale Al getting seriously hurt, it was looking bleak at times. But then those corpses started to regenerate on the bench and ready for action once more.

With this one winless, the Badmen are going to need their own W against the Warpstone Wilds if they are going to try and make their way into the playoffs.
- Cleon Salmon
Mar. 30th, 2016 - old news
Smurf Smash
A late season game with the Smurfs saw the Badmen to another win, although this showing was short the chainsaw menace that last meeting saw. RIP Hack

We made sure to stock that injury pen and ko box with plenty of smurf bodies as a back and forth battle raged over the pitch. Our zombies were tripping over their own feet as they tried to escape the rooted treemen, treemen wre thumping anything within range and halfling bodies tossed at every available moment.

The anti-undead menace know as Zara 'the slayer' would be a boon to the Badmen all game as she would 'stake' her place on the field as a threat for most of the game. But in the later drive, here offensive power would come up a little blunted.

The Badmen defense would be on point at every drive as we set up a preemptive blitz in the 1st half, and the second half would see the undead set up in a perfect D, giving the Smurfs a tough time. But in the second half, the smurfing cage would march down the field to within scoring range.

In the end, the Badmen would carry on to victory with a single touchdown, and a failed attempt on a second.
- Cleon Salmon
Mar. 24th, 2016 - old news
Brushing with the Occult
Well, just another visit to the many oddities of the league. These squid fellows look squishy but almost as elusive as the elves. The Weres really shone this game, rip'n and a tear'n through the competition. First drive, Rabbid tore through a unsuspecting linemen and sent him to the afterlife. It was a full team effort crushing squidies, as KO's were in abundance. But it wasn't all one sided, early on Al got hurt on the opening drive and one of the zombies tripped and took himself out trying to get in position for the foul. Still, we had the numbers advantage most of the game.

We put the pressure on all first half but they still slipped through the defence with mere seconds and scored. Luckily, our last chance on the line for the half we put the hurt to them.

In the second half, we had to deal with even number but we quickly divided the opposition. Scoring halfway through the second half, we hoped to score a second TD. We would not be disappointed, as the the cultists had plenty of holes in the the D with only 8 players. Rabbid got a quick jump on the offence, racing down the field in a pre-emptive blitz, locking down the ball. The rest of the team, swarming the squidies, cutting down on any blocking opportunities. But of course, the slimy bastards grabbed the ball and tried for a quick score, bombing the ball down the field but the ball would end up out of bounds and a lucky throw in by the crowd would land it on the LoS.

Run Da'Ba would pick it up, and quick pass it off to Rip for the TD. Up 2 TD, we felt this one would be in the books with almost not time left.

Once again, the Badmen gave away the advantage near the end of the game. We put the hurt on the line but would overlook the oppositions chance to score. Strong Bo would be holding onto the ball with little defence around him. An unlikely block would see him on the ground and one pass later, we have a tie game.

An unused bribe and lazy wizard sitting on the bench would be salt in the wound for this one. Next outing, we'll have to amp up the team and get out there, we are still not living up to the billing of Badmen.
- Cleon Salmon
Tournaments played:
'16 FlatlandCup
Playing in:
Open Season Exh
Trophies won:

+30k and +1FF / 2516 ASG
Former Coach: Cleon Salmon

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