Kharnheim Kings

Race:  Khorne
Coach:  Gregor the Black
It had been weeks since Gregor was released from prison. The months of confinement had left him cured of whatever sickness that had plagued him the season before. He was moving on from the rotten Undercity Wonders.

In the cold and damp cell, he conversed and became familiar with the local group of pit fighters and gladiators that were finding themselves out of work. They had the same murderous tendencies, but needed a new outlet. Gregor decided he would give them the forum for violence they needed. Time for a new team.

There will be blood.

Kharnheim Kings team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Feb. 19th, 2019
Kings Tie League Champs
What. A. Game.

The Kings took on the league's defending champions, the Bad Mother Bashers, in a down-to-the-wire brawl last Sunday.

The Bashers had a huge crowd follow them to the game, and they were definitely the fan favorites. It looked like less than half were there for the Kings, but that can be expected with a newer team taking on the champs. However, former league all-stars Lord Borak the Despoiler and Grashnak Blackhoof were in the area and signed a quick one-day deal with coach Gregor to help bolster his ranks.

The Kings won the coin toss and deferred. The Bashers got to work with the ball, forming their standard cage and pushing up the field. Kharn'agar, Grashnak, and Borak managed to knock around some cage edges (even injuring Tomb Guardian Nut), but the super quick Bes managed to drive the field and score with little time remaining for the Kings to answer.

The Kings took the second half kickoff and played a very aggressive offense. They pushed down the sideline quickly in a partial cage formed by Borak and Grashnak. Kael handled the ball well, and with some last minute heroics by Kharn'agar to prevent Bes from knocking the ball out, the Kings managed to score.

The third drive of the game started on a precarious note for the Kings. The crowd was in a frenzy after the last Kings' score, and stormed the pitch. Every player on the Kings, except Borak, was knocked down and stunned by the crowd. The Bashers only had a few fall, which was not surprising given they were the clear crowd favorites. Kharn'agar was taken out of the game by a foul from the Bashers, but was thankfully not injured.

Bes took the ball and pushed through the broken opposing line. The Bashers quickly made contact with many of the Kings players as they were getting up. This prevented them from getting a clear shot at Bes. As Bes passed through the line, Borak managed to dodge away from one of the Tomb Guardians and get a shot at the agile ball carrier. The ball popped out! Bes managed to get up and grab the ball again, short of the goal line. This time Grashnak did his best to get away from a scrum and took a shot at Bes, merely pushing him around. Bes used his quick feet to get onto the ball, but didn't manage to pick it up as it bounced into the end zone.

Drago played hero as he ran for the ball and scooped it in the end zone to prevent Bes from getting to the open ball. Bes took a shot at him, but the ball bounced out of bounds and was kicked back halfway across the pitch where no one could score.

Magnus was seriously hurt in the next few minutes, but the game would end in a glorious tie. The clear underdogs would be satisfied with the result, and everyone contributed. Gregor was seen with a slight smile as he left the game.

- Lucien Bronzehelm, Kings beat reporter, Brass Citadel Times
- Gregor the Black
Jan. 31st, 2019 - old news
Dark Elves Win Battle of Attrition
Oh boy. What a game.

The Kharnheim Kings faced a talented Dark Elf squad known as the Midnight Madness. The Madness "had" who should be viewed as the best ball carrier in the league, Tony Mercury. His presence was felt everywhere in the first half. The Kings received the kickoff and managed to get within a few yards of the end zone, but the Madness utilized their speed and agility to pop the ball out and run it back for a score. After the elf score, the Kings were unable to score the quick touchdown.

During this half, the Kings lost lineman Stefan in a scuffle with elf Ben Beetmore. Thankfully, daemon Kharn'agar returned the favor, sending Beetmore off the pitch for at least another game. Kharn'agar also sent two others out for the game in the half.

The second half started very favorably for the Kings. With the elves deep in their own end receiving the kick, they managed to get a quick step on the snap to chase the ball down early. Mercury could not push the ball downfield, Kael managed to scoop the ball and score.

The elves managed to drive the field over the next few minutes and take the lead again, and the Kings were unable to match the score before regulation time ran dry.

Most Kings fans would point out that the most exciting point of the game was Kharn'agar's second half maul of Tony Mercury. Mercury, playing a bit fast and loose on the sideline, got gored by the beastly daemon and thrown into the crowd. The bloodthirsty Kings fans did him no favors, and ripped him to shreds. Even the elf's apothecary was unable to help the All Star.

We'll see what this means going forward. Kharn'agar is the early team MVP for sure, but who else will step up?

- Lucien Bronzehelm, Kings beat reporter, Brass Citadel Times
- Gregor the Black
Jan. 28th, 2019 - old news
Kharnheim Kings Join the Melee
Here come the newest competitors to the pitch, and they look mean. Coach and owner Gregor the Black is returning for his third season with a fresh team. His Kharnheim Kings took on a local undead team in preseason play in an effort to drum up some fanfare. This did not disappoint, with two undead taken off on stretchers and four touchdowns scored by the violent Chaos worshippers.

What will they look like this season? With some of the big bad teams (ie. Bad Mother Bashers) returning for the 2519 season, they may be overmatched. Only time will tell. Word has it that the Kings' first match is against the Midnight Madness Dark Elf team. We'll see if they can hold their own against the swift, the pretty, and the deadly.

- Lucien Bronzehelm, Kings beat reporter, Brass Citadel Times
- Gregor the Black
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