Kharnheim Kings

Race:  Khorne
Coach:  Gregor the Black
It had been weeks since Gregor was released from prison. The months of confinement had left him cured of whatever sickness that had plagued him the season before. He was moving on from the rotten Undercity Wonders.

In the cold and damp cell, he conversed and became familiar with the local group of pit fighters and gladiators that were finding themselves out of work. They had the same murderous tendencies, but needed a new outlet. Gregor decided he would give them the forum for violence they needed. Time for a new team.

There will be blood.

Kharnheim Kings team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Jan. 10th, 2020 - old news
Daemon Disappears, Team Collapses
Kharn'agar has disappeared, likely having been summoned back into oblivion by far darker forces. I guess he had proved himself for a higher calling.

With no enforcer on the squad to lead the murderous Kings, the players had no reason to stay. They have all gone their separate ways, looking for blood (likely for the Blood God).

Gregor has moved on, and will be open to coach a squad for the next season.

This will be chalked up as a disappointment, as it feels the team was improving and had some hope for a big season. It was not meant to be.

Oh well, on to the next one!

- Lucien Bronzehelm, Blood Bowl reporter, Brass Citadel Times
- Gregor the Black
July 11th, 2019 - old news
Kings End Season in Playoffs
We're back! And... we're done! (Apologies for the long absence, as we were dealing with rogue Nurglings that had taken up nesting in the paper press. It was a messy clean-up.)

The Kharnheim Kings ride out the final two games of the regular season 1-1. The loss was to the always strong Bad Mother Bashers, and the win was against the Midnight Madness.

The loss to the Bashers was typical of the matchup, with the massive Tomb Guardians opening up the field for Bes to run rampant for easy two easy scores. The Kings were able to grind it out for a score. The Kings are one of two teams to score against the Bashers in each of their match-ups, which feels like a minor victory (but likely not enough to appease the Blood God). 2-1 loss for the Kings here.

The win against the Madness was a much better game. The Kings effectively moved the ball and removed key elf players from the match. Lord Borak joined the match and had his fun punching elves in the throat. The Kings won it here 2-1.

The Kings end the regular season with a 4-1-4 record, which slotted them in at 5th. They were seeded against the speedy Warp Speed Skaven team for the first round of playoffs. Playoffs looked like a long shot early on, but they made it. However, the match did not go as planned.

The weather was despicably hot. Only the most desperate fans stuck around for the game, and players looked desperate to cool down with each drive.

The Kings received the opening kick-off. They moved it effectively, although Kharn'agar looked mostly disinterested in hitting anyone early on. Thankfully, they were able to grind out a drive for a score, but they left too much time on the clock.

The Speed did lose a couple players to the heat, but pushed for a quick score to end the second half. They managed to injure a few of the Kings' players in key positions to open up for a long and impressive pass to an open Gutter Runner for the tying score.

The Kings tried to form a better defense in the second half, but instead had to force a quick score to give themselves a shot for a tying score. Kharn'agar was picking up steam, and started to remove some players from the pitch, usually in an injured heap.

After the quick score, the Kings attempted to mount a drive. However, the ball ended up in the open and was popped out and grabbed by a rogue Gutter Runner. Jackmerius attempted to bomb a pass down to an open Thorvald for the tying score to force overtime, but he fumbled the ball instead. The game ended as a 2-1 loss.

As disappointing a finish this was for the Kings, it turned out better than expected. (Kharn'agar was definitely a fan favourite.) With rumors that the Bashers and Madness will retire next season, will the Kings return for a rematch with Warp Speed? We can hope.

- Lucien Bronzehelm, Kings beat reporter, Brass Citadel Times
- Gregor the Black
May 10th, 2019 - old news
Kings Extend Winning Streak
We are rolling. The Kings have extended their winning streak to two games!

The Consortium of Ogres came to town to challenge the Kharnheim Kings to a match of knock-down anddrag-it-out Blood Bowl, just as Nuffle intended.

The Kings took the kick-off and started hot. They picked up the ball and pushed up the field aggressively. Kharn'agar knocked down some ogres to open up the field for the drive. The ogres largely decided to cause havoc on the front line as the ball pushed past. Some snotlings used themselves as a barrier to the endzone, but Asger the Herald was able to push through and score.

The ogres were unable to launch much of an offense on the next kickoff, and the ball was left fairly unprotected in the flank. Kristinn and Korak pushed up the sideline to the snotlings that were trying to move the ball. Kristinn was able to find the loose ball and push in for the second score of the game with time running out. The ogres got some free shots at the Kings on the kickoff as time expired, but didn't accomplish much.

The second half got bloody. The ogres took the kickoff and were able to gather the ball and protect the carrier. A few on both sides were knocked out of the game on the line, with Kharn'agar wreaking havoc again amongst the ogres and the ogres abusing the smaller pit fighters on the Kings.

The ball largely did not move for most of the half. Kings players surrounded and piled in on the group of snotlings, and ogres predictably followed. Kharn'agar was able to essentially murder one of the smaller ogres, but it still did not open up the pile of bodies for the ball to come out.

Eventually, the ball was knocked into the hands of a snotling that broke free of the cluster. It found its way up the field, and one of the ogres attampted to throw it for the score. Ogres can not handle the ball (or snotlings) very well, and fumbled both to miss getting a score as time ran out.

It was a fun game despite the various injuries on both sides, likely because the Kings looked fairly dominant.

If they keep it up, they really will look like their namesake in this league.

- Lucien Bronzehelm, Kings beat reporter, Brass Citadel Times
- Gregor the Black
May 7th, 2019 - old news
The Selections Surely Miss Chappy
The Kharnheim Kings brought the pain in their second win of the season, beating a veteran Chaos Pact squad 2-1. Thankfully, Chappy (their murderous Minotaur) was killed in their last match with the Khemri Bad Mother Bashers.

The first half started a bit ugly for the Kings. The Selections got a blitz off a second early and invaded the Kings' backfield. The Kings were patient, and caged quickly to cover.

G'isa, the opposition's Dark Elf, closed in on the ball quickly, but was knocked down. A follow up boot to the head (missed by the referees) knocked him out of the game. He struggled to get back in. The Kings pushed their advantage, and booted Ogre Punch n' Judy into the crowd along the way. He was knocked unconscious in the resulting frenzy. Eventually the Kings scored as time expired for the half with a grinding offense up the sideline.

The second half went just as well for the Kings. The ball was kicked deep into opposing territory, and the Selections failed to scoop the ball in the open field. Punch n'Judy (back in the game after awaking at half-time) failed to hold back the rush for the ball. Multiple Kings defenders swarmed on the ball and eventually scooped the grounded ball and pushed into the endzone for a second score.

G'isa came back into the game after the score in time for kick-off. The dodgy elf managed to help the Selections quickly push the ball upfield for a quick score. The Kings' numbers were dwindling after several key blocks from the rookie Minotaur, Orlando, as he picked up steam in the second half.

The Kings got the ball back late in the second half and pushed for a third score, but ended up tripping just before the goal line as time expired.

This team has not gotten the win often, but has improved with each game. Can they make a push to make the playoffs?

- Lucien Bronzehelm, Kings beat reporter, Brass Citadel Times
- Gregor the Black
Tournaments played:
'19 FlatlandCup
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Open Season Exh
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